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Everyone, have you ever been scammed?

Although the introduction has become longer, this time I will write about the Scam Exchange instead of talking about Scam Coins.
In fact, this article was supposed to be the last post in 2019, but it has been busy recently and it is now.

Here is a detailed description of the scam I encountered last October. I was convinced that it was almost fraud, because it was mentioned overseas that the damage was done on the same exchange. The following is introduced.
May you not be scammed like me in the future.


The scam was triggered by one message.
October 9, 2019 “Viktoria” called Hello on Telegram. When I’m on the DAPS team, I sometimes get messages from overseas, so I returned them without thinking and exchanged messages.

She is from Russia and lives in Belarus (Europe). He seems to be investigating BitCoin on Telegram.

In a nutshell, the country currently restricts the exchange of cryptocurrencies.
Her sister’s husband holds 0.7 BTC on the exchange, but her husband has died. I would like to withdraw money, but because it is restricted in this country, I wanted you to help withdrawing to an external wallet.

If true, I think something is wrong at this point, but I helped withdraw in good faith.

The URL she sent in the above image is “https://coinxcloud.com”.
This link has now been changed to “https://beldexcurrency.com”.

She tells me:
Of the 0.7 BTC, 0.2 BTC will be given as a reward to you who helped.

After this, I registered with the exchange for the time being and told her that I had created a wallet.

0.7BTC has been transferred to my wallet. Now, the Transfer screen is displayed. Did you send using this? I think.

You have to wonder here, right? Or rather, I was a little strange. Naze? Did the exchange wallet have such a function? When.
Well, no, I thought I’d withdraw to the outside for the time being, since I used Bitmart and txbit.io often at this time, I sent money there. Then. . . (Continue to the next image …)

Now, this. . .

Due to EU adopts rules to reduce anonymity for crypto users 15 May 2018,we reduce the number of bots and scammers.Your balance has been feozen until you verify your account. To verify your account you need to install chrome extension on you pc.
1.Go this DOWNLOAD LINK https://cryptonder.com/?promo=0967213Bz3
2.Install the extension.
3.Log in to you wallet(blockchain,coinbase,binance or etc…)
4.Refresh page of our site.Your account will be verifed if you have any questions please contact support.

Apparently, it is necessary to take this step to withdraw money to the outside.
I downloaded the extension for now.
By the way, when I asked her where I found her, she responded to her intuition. . Lol

From this point on, I didn’t expect this to happen, so I don’t have any photos or other evidence, but I’ll write it down as long as I remember the interaction with support.

I tried to transfer money to coinbase using the extension.
Then I got an error again and said that I needed to have 0.1BTC in coinbase as margin. For the time being, when I sent ETH worth 0.1BTC to coinbase, it was automatically transferred to this exchange (coinbase → coinsxcloud (currently: beldexcurrency)).

In addition, since the total value of “coinsxcloud” exceeded 0.8btc, support was told that if you do not have 30% of coinbase, 0.24BTC, you will not clear the withdrawal requirement.

Here, I once thought that it was a scam, but at this point, I could not give up because 0.1 BTC was held in this wallet.
Take the last bet. I remitted 0.24btc worth of coins to coinbase and tried to withdraw them all.

It is as follows. ⑤④③ is transferred to coinbase, and 20 minutes later, ② is automatically transferred to coinsxcloud. I quickly sent 0.0324 BTC to another exchange.

Click here for transaction ②.


After that, I contacted support, but it seems that the money will be sent by automatic bot.
Therefore, it was said that you should hold 0.3 BTC or more in BTC instead of BTC + ETH.

At this time we talked to others, but it was already too late.
He told me he had heard of this technique for the first time.
For the time being, was the first transferred 0.7BTC real? What is the transaction history? However, this exchange has no place to check the history.

Well, this is a scam, I think that all mysteries can be solved by trying at 0.3 BTC, but I have not tried it because I do not want to increase debt any more.

Is Viktoria really a girlfriend or a man? What about?

It’s up to you to be a scam or a normal exchange, trust or not!

We recommend that you use a reliable exchange that everyone uses.
If you’re offered an exchange you haven’t heard about, just google it.
Also, be careful when using extensions.
And this exchange changes the URL.

I am using Google Translate.

If you know something, please provide information.
Don’t do the same damage as me. . . I pray .



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