【Penguin Coin】Introduction of PENG goods🐧🐧🐧



Hello everyone!This article will be sent to those who love PenguinCoin.My name is marusugikunMy twitter link). I love PENG (Penguin Coin).I am Japanese. I am writing using Google Translate. Please cooperate so that you can read my sentences.This time, I will introduce goods of PENG (Penguin Coin) and it will be operated as official recognition goods.PENG (Penguin Coin) management does not prepare goods.Official recognition goods was born from the Japanese community.Who made the community?I also interviewed the birth parent, so let’s introduce it!

🐧About PENG (Penguin Coin) goods🐧

How I came to know the goods

It was Twitter that I got to know the goods.It becomes the tweet below.


It is pretty🐧

Interview with 🐧maca🐧

I immediately tapped the link on the purchase screen!.I wanted to know who made PENG (PenguinCoin) goods, so I asked 🐧maca🐧.


It was thanks to maca that I was able to know about the goods! Thank you! I will interview you immediately!





Please tell me the impression that the glass has arrived.


Frankly cute! Because the design is simple, I think that it matches every item! I bought a mug and a sticker🐧.



Please give a message to the PenguinCoin holder and those who do not yet have PenguinCoin!


How about an espresso with a penguin mug?☕🐧

Thank you very much, 🐧maca🐧! Paste the tweet of the cup picture below.


The design of the mug is cute! Penguin is the best!🐧

Interview with penpentai🐧   🐧sasayan(pome)🐧

I interviewed another person.This person has received permission for the operation of PENG (Penguin Coin) and has made a sale of collectibles.His name is Pen Pen Tai🐧(Twitter name) 🐧Sasa Yan (Pome)🐧 (Discord name)! He is a community leader at Discord.I got acceptance of the interview pleasantly!


Mr. 🐧SasaYan (Pome)🐧 is the pen pen tai🐧 in Twitter and is not it wrong?

🐧SasaYan (Pome)🐧

There is no mistake🐧


You are a community leader at Discord Who the hell are you?

🐧SasaYan (Pome)🐧

am just a Pomeranian.hahaha…
I officially do POS & MN setting advice of penguin coin and Japanese translation to community.🐧



Please tell me the history of goods sale!

🐧SasaYan (Pome)🐧

When I heard that there were goodies from the community, I listened to the voice, I bumped on Mr. Big B on the same day.I got permission to use the logo on condition that I do not put profits from the development side🐧


Did you design the goods?

🐧SasaYan (Pome)🐧

Yes, I am. By the way, although there are conditions, goods can be added🐧



Please give a message to the PenguinCoin holder and those who do not yet have PenguinCoin!

🐧SasaYan (Pome)🐧

I am paying attention to the donation system!There is not quite a system that MN is set up and reward is donated! By all means, it will be helpful if you can do POS or MN with the feeling that helps people and animals in need around the world!🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧

Thank you very much for receiving my interview.The Japanese community depends on him!I think the Japanese representative of PENG (Penguin Coin) is 🐧Sasa-yan (Pome)🐧! You should rely on him!

If you are interested in community of PENG (PenguinCoin) click on the link below!Let’s meet Big B, 🐧Sasa-yan (Pome)🐧, 🐧maca🐧!!

🐧Introduction of goods🐧

🐧About goods🐧

The above picture is a goods list! How lovely! I will explain the goods.
※Certified goods also correspond to overseas shipping.
🐧maca🐧 is introducing with Twitter.


  • Sticker・・・386yen/$ 3.46/🐧Purchase🐧
  • T-shirt・・・2,080yen/$ 18.65/🐧Purchase🐧
  • Smartphone case (iPhone only)・・・2,000yen/$ 17.93/🐧Purchase🐧
  • Mug・・・1,390yen/$ 12.46/🐧Purchase🐧
  • Baby bib・・・1,704yen/$ 15.28/🐧Purchase🐧
  • tote bag・・・1,730yen/$ 15.51/🐧Purchase🐧

The price displayed will be the “tax excluded” price.The upper dollar price is for 111.5 yen.

What I thought was amazing is that there are many colors and sizes!.T-shirt(color:23 types・size:For kids〜XXXL)、Smartphone case (iPhone only)(iPhone SE/5s/5, iPhone 6s/6, iPhone 6s Plus/6 Plus, iPhone 8/7, iPhone 8 Plus/7 Plus, iPhone X)、Baby bib(color:10 types)、tote bag(color:9 types)になります。

Penguin surrounded by “purchase” can go from each purchase screen, so if you are interested in please!
The process of overseas shipment is written in the next chapter.

Process of overseas shipment

When accessing the product page from overseas (other than Japan), under the button “put in the cart”
The following banner will be displayed.

The flow to overseas shipment is as follows.

  1. Register as a member at the banner link destination (transfer com)
  2. Domestic address for delivery of goods will be given
  3. Purchase items using the given address
  4. It is delivered to the warehouse of the transfer com in Japan
  5. It is delivered to the overseas address registered in the transfer com via the warehouse

For details, please see the link below.

※In case of overseas shipment, 【cash on delivery payment】 can not be done, please be careful.

🐧marusugikun also bought it.🐧

I also bought goods as soon as I saw maca’s tweet.I bought two items.One was “mug cup”, I thought that I wanted to drink with Penguin ‘s cup as well.

Another one bought an iPhone cover. Because the iPhone cover I am currently using is old.I will also post pictures of the iPhone cover that I love (from today).


Has everyone also wanted administrative accreditation goods?I think that it is PENG (Penguin Coin) which is supported by many people.Discord has various information exchanges every day, so feel free to participate and please watch. Everyone is waiting for you.I will refrain swap in three weeks later and I think that the popularity of PENG (PenguinCoin) will rise further from now.Let’s have PENG (Penguin Coin) to help people around the world!🐧Let’s Charity with PENG (Penguin Coin)🐧



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